Christmas Rosary Rally

Download this PDF to see the Christmas Carols

Christmas is not about the frenzied shopping, the presents and Santa Claus. Christmas is about the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Many people need to be reminded of that again. 


That is why we are doing a special Rosary Rally in Dublin on December 4th. As well as the Rosary, we will be singing traditional Christmas carols and have a statue of the Child Jesus for people to venerate if they wish. 


ven today, the devil struggles to destroy the innocence and joy of Christmas in the souls of people. He has tried, but there are still so many things that remind us of the true meaning of Christmas. Real Christmas carols are one of the most powerful ways to communicate that joy and innocence that surrounds Our Lord's birth.


Also, Our Lord wants to give mankind so many graces, especially the grace of conversion, during this time of Christmas. However, as the Church has taught from the beginning, Our Lord wants man to participate in the salvation of other men by being willing instruments in His Hands.


  • What: The Rosary (the Joyful Mysteries) with Christmas carols sung throughout. Plus bagpipes!


  • Where: Dublin by the Spire.


  • When: December 4th from 2pm to 3pm.


This is why the December 4th Rosary Rally is so important. We want to be those instruments in God's hands for the conversion of others. 


This grace of conversion… can you think of a better gift to give someone this Christmas?