Transgenderism: The End of Science and the Revolt against God

Recently the Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI) announced that healthcare workers in Galway are the best, outside of Dublin, “when it comes to seeking training and advice on transgender issues.”[1] Around the same time, at a conference, the Minister for Education, Ms Jan O’Sullivan said, “young transgender people were a particularly vulnerable group” and needed “support”. [2] However, science and biology are very clear. It is impossible to change one’s sex.

A Biological Impossibility

“It is physiologically impossible to change a person’s sex, since the sex of each individual is encoded in the genes – XX if female, XY if male. Surgery can only create the appearance of the other sex,” explained Richard P. FitzGibbons, M.D., Philip M. Sutton, Ph.D., and Dale O’Leary[3]. Sexual identity “is written on every cell of the body and can be determined through DNA testing. It cannot be changed.”[4]

Dr Joseph Berger, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry states: “Cosmetic surgery will not make a man a woman, capable of menstruating, ovulating, and having children. Cosmetic surgery will not make a woman into a man, capable of generating sperm that can unite with an egg or ovum from a woman and fertilize that egg to produce a human child.”[5]

A Mental Disorder

Dr Berger furthermore says; “Sometimes, some of these people have claimed that they are ‘a woman trapped in a man’s body’ or alternatively ‘a man trapped in a woman’s body’. Scientifically, there is no such a thing. Therefore anyone who actually truly believes that notion, is by definition deluded, psychotic.”[6]

Paul McHugh, former psychiatrist-in-Chief at John Hopkins Hospital located in the U.S., reached the conclusion along with other psychiatrists that “to provide a surgical alteration to the body of these unfortunate people was to collaborate with a mental disorder rather than treat it.”[7]

In another paper, McHugh points out that “claiming that this (transgender revolution) is a civil rights matter and encouraging surgical intervention is in reality to collaborate with and promote a mental disorder.”[8]

Supplanting Science & Reality with Subjectivism & Emotion

One of the most fundamental aspects of transgenderism is the distinction between gender and sex. For the transgender movement, gender is the external manifestation of being male or female. These manifestations however are entirely unconnected with biology – i.e. one’s sex. This can be seen in TENI’s definition of a transgender person as “someone whose gender and sense of self is different from their apparent physiological sex.”[9]

Stephanie Brill, author of The Transgender Child: A Handbook for Families and Professionals, wrote: “Sex is biological and includes physical attributes such as sex chromosomes, gonads, sex hormones, internal reproductive structures, and external genitalia. At birth, it is used to identify individuals as male or female. Gender on the other hand is far more complicated. Along with one’s physical traits, it is the complex interrelationship between those traits and one’s internal sense of self as male, female, both or neither as well as one’s outward presentations and behaviors related to that perception.”[10]

In other words your gender is completely subjective. If a man feels like he is a woman, that feeling automatically overrides any biological and psychological facts. Or he might not feel like either. What if a person’s “internal sense” suggests that he or she be sexually attracted to children or even to animals?

Not only Unscientific: A Revolt against God

God created a hierarchical world in order to better reflect His numerous Divine attributes, for if all things were equal, only one attribute of God could be reflected in His creation. The ongoing assault against Christian Civilisation, which Dr. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira described as “the Revolution”, successively attacked these inequalities down through the ages. The homosexual movement, of which the transgender movement is part, seeks to destroy one of the most basic inequalities in Creation, the inequality between men and women. For if all differences, distinctions and hierarchies were to be destroyed, the image of God would no longer be discernible in His Creation.

Another Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall crumbled because it was founded on false, ephemeral doctrines and because of persistent, articulated opposition from anti-communists. Although the Communist bloc survived for many decades, its life was logically limited since anything founded on falsity cannot last for long. The transgender movement is likewise founded on fanciful ideas. It is contrary to science and even more seriously, contrary to God’s Wisdom. The transgender movement must be opposed courageously and seriously, just as communism was confronted.

Our Lady’s Role

And just like the Communists, the transgender movement has many sources of support – government, finance, media, institutions, celebrities, etc. What could a few concerned people possibly hope to do against this machine?

It is God’s Will that Our Lady often has only a few people on Her side in order to humiliate the devil. All that she requires is dedication and complete confidence. Through human actions such as public information campaigns, writing, or lobbying, Our Lady blesses every effort made, full of confidence, for Her glory and the glory of God. It is through her children that Our Lady wishes to establish her reign on earth. The more we fight now, the more resplendent will be her Reign.





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