Over 16,000 Urge Archbishop of Dublin to Disinvite Fr. James Martin from World Meeting of Families

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

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Dublin, Ireland 27 July 2018 -- Irish Society for Christian Civilisation – ISFCC has gathered over 16,000 online signatures respectfully urging Archbishop Diarmuid Martin to disinvite Fr. James Martin S.J., radical advocate of homosexual sin, from the World Meeting of Families. This number of signatures is remarkable considering the intense propaganda to place homosexual “families” on the same footing as real families who follow natural law.

This propaganda has deliberately confused two very different types of homosexuals – those who heroically struggle against the impure temptations to homosexual sin and those who utilise homosexuality to attack the Church’s teaching.

Catholic teaching on the family has gradually faded over the decades in Ireland. Even the understanding that sexuality is primarily for procreation and not for recreation – a principle from Natural Law, not just from the Catholic Church – has been obscured. Furthermore, to call the “union” of two homosexuals a family is contradictory for that “union” flouts basic Natural Law upon which the family rests.

One would think that the World Meeting of Families would be an occasion to reiterate these basic principles of the family. Yet, in a country that badly needs clear and unambiguous teaching, certain bishops seem intent on making the World Meeting of Families an occasion to further muddy the waters and confuse the faithful.

Fr. Martin, while reiterating traditional Church teaching on sexuality, makes a dichotomy between Church doctrine and practice, effectively discarding Church teaching altogether. His reason? It’s the charitable thing to do. Anyone with a basic knowledge of catechism will know that it is not charitable to encourage the practice of sin.

Show your support for the family and Catholic teaching and sign the petition at www.TFP.ie urging Archbishop Diarmuid Martin to disinvite Fr. James Martin from the World Meeting of Families.

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