Public Square Rosary Rallies

In The Secret of the Rosary, Saint Louis de Montfort states:

“Public prayer is far more powerful than private prayer to appease the anger of God and call down His Mercy.  Holy Mother Church, guided by the Holy Spirit, has always advocated public prayer in times of public tragedy and suffering.”

In fact, St Louis de Montfort organised the first ever public square rosary rally.

That’s why Ireland Needs Fatima is organising the 2017 Public Square Rosary Crusade.

Our goal is to counter the destructive secular agenda, asking God to guide every aspect of our society. As human efforts have failed to solve Ireland’s key problems, we ask His immediate help for our nation’s leadership. He will hear our prayers, especially if we pray the Rosary of His Blessed Mother. Without prayer, and specifically the Rosary, we will not find solutions to our nation’s many problems.

Bring along your family and friends, show Ireland that the Catholic Faith is the solution to our country’s many problems; social, moral and economic.

For 2017 the Rosary Crusade will take place on 13th May at 4pm. This will be in union with around 20,000 rallies taking place throughout the world at this time. 


Rosary Rallies Around Ireland in 2016

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