How to piously live through Lent?

Reconcile with God in the sacrament of penance. Make a strong resolution to improve. Deny the service of the Way of the Cross daily, remember about the Lent and the Lenten alms.

If you want to imitate me,

take your cross for every day ...

Remember! By pious celebration of the Way of the Cross, you can obtain a plenary indulgence under the conditions laid down by the Church.


the Way of the Cross at home?

Lent is the best moment for spiritual change. By promoting the considerations of the Way of the Cross, we help each other and close ones to get closer to God!

On this page you can order Via Crucis. Reflections on the Way of the Cross by the eminent Catholic thinker, Plinio Correa de Oliveira.

Via Crucis can be read alone, as well as accompanying the prayer. You can also listen to the considerations using the recording on the CD.

Author of the Reflections


(1908-1995). An outstanding Catholic publicist. Lawyer, professor of contemporary history at the Catholic University of Sao Paulo. A well-known Catholic activist, defender of Christian civilization, endowed with the nickname of the "crusader of the twentieth century".
Author of hundreds of articles and many books, including the well-known work Revolution and Counter-Revolution (1959). Founder of the Associations for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP), organizations of secular Catholics around the world whose goal is to defend and promote the values of Christian culture in public life.

How important is this devotion?

The Holy Church counts the Way of the Cross to the most recommended services. This is the surest way to obtain God's favours.

The Saviour promised us:

Whoever on Friday, paying attention to the hour of my death on the Cross, will celebrate the Way of the Cross, will receive special favors from My Spirit, which I gave back at that moment ... Whoever celebrates the Way of the Cross every day, can save the whole parish.

(The promise of the Lord Jesus given to Saint Maria de Pazzi)

The cost of a booklet with a CD is only EUR 9. You do not have to make a deposit right now, you can do it only after receiving the parcel. The cost of shipping is covered by our Institute.

I am ordering the booklet The Way of the Cross along with the CD (cost of which is EUR 9) and thus I am joining hundreds of Irish people who want to spread the devotion to the Passion of Our Lord.