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The Way of the Cross booklet and CD will aid you in meditating on the suffering and death of Our Lord Jesus Christ on each of the 14 stations. With full-colour illustrations, insightful meditations, and a CD to help you meditate, this set is a must-have. The Way of the Cross booklet, which is 32 pages, comes with a CD with background music used to enhance the beauty of the meditations is from the best classical composers.

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The Way of the Cross being used for this promising project was written by the inspirer of the TFP family of souls worldwide, Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira. Many readers have been profoundly moved by these meditations. Some people even consider this Way of the Cross is the most inspiring version of Jesus Passion they have ever heard.

At the Fourth Station, Jesus Meets His Mother, you will read,


"Who, my Lady, seeing thee shed such tears would dare to ask thee why thou weepest? Neither the earth, nor the sea, nor all the heavens can serve as a term of comparison to thy sorrow."

The mediations spring to mind the sufferings of Our Lord and Our Lady, whilst giving puts to examine ourselves. At the end of the Fourth you will read,


"...What caused Thee the most suffering, my Divine Redeemer, and thee, Blessed Mother, was certainly sin. And I? Am I mindful of my sins? Do I remember, for example, my first sin, or my most recent sin?" 


All the while, you'll have the CD to follow and full-colour illustrations to help you along.

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How important is this devotion?

The Holy Church counts the Way of the Cross to the most recommended services. This is the surest way to obtain God's favours.

The Saviour promised us:

Whoever on Friday, paying attention to the hour of my death on the Cross, will celebrate the Way of the Cross, will receive special favors from My Spirit, which I gave back at that moment ... Whoever celebrates the Way of the Cross every day, can save the whole parish.

(The promise of the Lord Jesus given to Saint Maria de Pazzi)

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