Membership in Alliance with Mary

What is Alliance with Mary? 


Alliance with Mary is a select group of committed, loyal, and dependable Fatima supporters who renew their devotion and love for Mary every month with a small yet meaningful gift. Their sacrifice attracts the blessings of God and advances the apostolate of Ireland Needs Fatima by allowing our full-time volunteers to go full steam ahead proclaiming Our Lady's saving message of conversion, penance, and true peace to every nook and cranny of Ireland - without interruption.

Will my participation make a difference?


Yes! A huge one! Your monthly gift of €10, €15 or €21  will directly advance our spiritual crusade to conquer the heart and soul of Ireland for Mary and help us...

🙏 Organise public square Rosary Rallies every year for the conversion of Ireland.

🙏 Take Our Lady's Pilgrim Virgin statue into hundreds of homes to every corner of Ireland.

🙏 Promote the family recitation of the holy Rosary and the massive distribution of religious items to needy souls nationwide.

🙏 Pass on the Faith to young men who attend our yearly summer camp.

What happens when I join Alliance with Mary?


⚜️ The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will be offered for your intentions each month. 

⚜️ The prayers of a cloistered convent will be offered for your intentions and the daily rosary of our volunteers. 

⚜️ You will receive an A4 picture of the Sacred Heart and five badges;

⚜️ A Fatima Calendar yearly;

⚜️ And a Sterling Silver Miraculous Medal (with donations of €21 or more).

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Conversion is urgent!

True peace can only flourish when society turns away from sin and strives to practice virtue. And if we are to continue our work to save souls in Ireland from sinking even deeper into the quicksand of vice and sin, your immediate response is vital.

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