Sacred Heart of Jesus:


of Families and Society

In the book, Sacred Heart of Jesus: Salvation of Families and Society (108 pages), you will discover the origins of the devotion to the Sacred Heart, learn of the visions of Our Lord to St. Margaret Mary, how to practise this devotion, and much, much more!

In the first chapter, Guido Vignelli, the author, covers the historical origins of this devotion. The next chapter gives in chronological order the apparitions of Our Lord to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque. Another chapter examines pious practices such as the Nine First Fridays.

"Behold this Heart which has so loved men, and been so little loved by them in return!"

- from the apparitions of Our Lord

to St Margaret Mary Alacoque

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Further on, Vignelli answers common objections to this devotion – is this devotion not childish and fit for only children? The last chapter answers the legitimate question, “Why should we have devotion to His Heart?” by showing the symbolism of the heart.

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When you order this book, you will also receive the beautiful picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (20 x 14 cm) shown here, already blessed and ready to frame - to be displayed in a place of honour in your home.

In addition to the picture, you will receive a shield with the Sacred Heart on it. This small and simple shield of cloth will protect you against evils like accidents, pests, illnesses of diabolical origin and every type of danger.


It is a visible sign of the love Our Lord Jesus Christ has for each one of us. (The shield is not an amulet. It is a sacramental approved by the Catholic Church.)

Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus is more than just the worship of this noble part of our adorable Saviour's body. In the Sacred Heart, we adore the very Person of the Incarnate Word with all His Divine and human attributes.


The Sacred Heart is the symbol of redeeming love of Our Lord Jesus Christ for men and represents the most ardent affections of the God-Man in His Incarnation, Passion, Death and Resurrection.

Pope Pius XII teaches that the Sacred Heart, "more than all the other members of Our Lord's body, is the natural sign and symbol of His boundless love for the human race". This heart symbolises and expresses "the infinite love of Jesus Christ which moves us to love in return".

The Pope deems it, "a powerful remedy for the healing of those very evils which today also, and beyond question in a wider and more serious way, bring distress and disquiet to individuals and to the whole human race".

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