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The Call to Chivalry Summer Camps are for boys between 12 and 18 to which the Fathers are also invited. Click here to read about our latest summer camp which took place in Waterford last July. Our next summer camp will be from 8 -15 July 2019For information about next year's summer camp please contact us below.
Why Chivalry?
Chivalry is a whole ensemble of virtues including purity, honesty, justice, and love of the Church. At our summer camps, we try to instil in the participants these virtues through talks, beautiful surroundings, and games animated with pageantry. By telling the stories of Catholic heroes such as St. Louis IX, Don Pelayo and others, we present true role models for boys to follow. Games are often punctuated by invocations to the saints, reminding everyone that we are always in the presence of God.
Every two months a newsletter called Call to Chivalry Bulletin is sent to young men who have signed up. This bulletin covers topics from Our Lady, the saints, Catholic heroes, to history, and Catholic doctrine. If you are interested in signing up your son(s) to this newsletter please fill in your details below, stating your request.

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