Who We Are

Irish Society for Christian Civilisation was formed by a group of Irish Catholics concerned about the multiple crises shaking every aspect of Irish and European life.
The aim of the association is to resist, in the realm of ideas, the atheistic, liberal, and socialist trends of our times and proudly affirm the positive values of Christian Civilisation, through the dissemination of religious articles and Catholic literature, especially of the message of Fatima.
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Central to our mission is the idea that the various crises threatening Irish society and the Church cannot be seen as separate and disjointed. Rather they originate from a single cause.
The book Revolution and Counter-Revolution by Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira  masterfully traces the historical and philosophical roots of this single cause: a phenomenon called the Revolution.
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Irish Society for Christian Civilisation is linked with many autonomous Catholic organisations around the world dedicated to the same ideals and at the service of Christian civilisation.

Irish Society for Christian Civilisation is a non-profit organisation, registered charity No. 20082277 / Revenue No. CHY20680.
Directors: P. Folley, M. Murphy, S.Pludowski. Secretary: D. McEllin.