Get Involved

Organise a Rosary Rally

Rosary Rallies are public manifestations of our Catholic Faith and of our confidence in Our Lady. These Rosary Rallies attract many graces to our country. As well as countering today's secular, neo-pagan and immoral culture, these rallies give hope and encouragement to other faithful Catholics passing by. Sign up today by clicking here. Once you have signed up we will send you a banner and a how-to manual.

Join Alliance with Mary

Alliance with Mary is a special programme of Irish Society for Christian Civilisation. Members of this apostolate donate a fixed amount every month which allows us to project what we can do in the future. Among the many spiritual benefits an Alliance with Mary member enjoys, a monthly Mass is celebrated for their intentions and they are included in the prayers of a cloistered convent. If you are interested in signing up please click here.

Order Material to Distribute

If you are interested in spreading any particular publication, just call our office to order. We distribute material such as a beautiful Marian calendar and a variety of leaflets, books and medals. The literature we publish seeks to educate and give hope to people. Please note that most publications cannot be sold, only distributed free of charge. A postage charge may apply.

Host a Fatima Home Visit

Invite your friends to learn more about Fatima and Our Lady's prophecies. A Fatima Home Visit is about two hours long. Highlights include a video on the Message of Fatima and an opportunity to write your petitions to Our Lady of Fatima, which will then be taken to the shrine in Portugal. Click here to request a Fatima Home Visit.