Volunteers Travel Around Ireland Upholding the Right to Life

From Friday the 23rd of July 2021, eleven volunteers of Irish Society for Christian Civilisation (ISFCC) distributed 12,000 leaflets entitled ‘7 Reasons to Reject Abortion’ in the cities of Dublin, Cork, Galway and Waterford.

The volunteers gathered in the main squares such as O'Connell Street or Daunt Square. The red standard of Tradition, Family and Property emblazoned with a gold lion was unfurled followed by three Hail Marys and the proclaiming of slogans before dispersing.


In the first four campaigns, 5,700 leaflets were distributed on O’Connell Street and Grafton Street. Many positive and negative discussions were held. For instance, a young man asked, “Are you America Needs Fatima?” The response was “Yes, yes, would you like a leaflet”. He accepted the leaflet, happy to get in contact with ISFCC. Later, a volunteer offered a leaflet to a couple, but they asked “What if a thirteen-year-old gets pregnant”. The volunteer responded, “Abortion is not the solution and what should really be asked is how she got pregnant; there’s something wrong with our society if a thirteen-year-old can get pregnant.” The couple thanked the volunteer for his time and went on.

A young man from Sweden mentioned how he was relieved to see the campaign and “see like-minded people because it feels as if we are a small minority.” He went on to say that “When you’re met with such hatred and vitriol from people that believe abortion is okay, they don’t want to listen. They say it’s the choice of the women, but it’s just selfishness. It feels good at the moment, but that applies to other things like sin.” In the end, he thanked the volunteer “for doing God’s work” and mentioned how he would like to help out in any way possible.


After Dublin, the caravan travelled to Galway. Here, they were joined by several locals who wanted to help. A woman said that she agreed with the rejection of abortion, but repeated the worn-out argument of rape. The leafleteer pointed out that it doesn’t matter if it was rape or not, it’s still the murder of a child, but she disagreed. One man with several children was offered a leaflet, and he replied taking the leaflet “As you can see I’m very pro-life. Abortion should never be made legal because it’s always the murder of human life”

It was in Galway that these pro-lifers began proclaiming new slogans such as “Ireland land of saints and scholars, turn back to the Catholic Faith of our fathers!” and, “Kerry slugs are protected, yet unborn babies are rejected. Why the double standard?”


Daunt Sq. was the destination of the next few campaigns. Between the 27th and the 28th of July 3,600 leaflets were handed out to the public. The reception was mostly positive but there were some heated debates and shouting in the streets. A volunteer was debating with three leftist women said, “they didn’t care about science, reason and truth”. One of the ladies said, “The people voted for it”(referring to the repeal of the 8th amendment.) The volunteer responded, “But truth doesn’t change.” Another volunteer encountered a man from Galway who recounted that the night after the pro-life campaign, there were many debates in the pubs over abortion.


One girl ran up behind a volunteer and slapped the leaflets onto the ground. Another man drove by shouting obscenities. Someone else threw a torn-up leaflet into the face of the camera man, shocking those around and later the viewers on YouTube.